Dad's life

Created by Zoe 9 years ago
Alan was born on the 5th December 1944 to John and Gladys Booth. He was one of six children. His passion for the Villa started at a young age when their nan knitted scarves for the boys at Christmas. The eldest brother Reg gave them out and as Alan was the youngest boy, he was last and got the claret and blue scarf. That’s when his Villa passion started. Alan played for many football teams in his youth; Causeway Green being one of them. Alan started working life as an apprentice in engineering. In 1971, Lyn was born followed by Lee in 1973. Lee soon started playing footie for Pedmore dragons with his dad as manager and Lyn as the mascot. Over 20 years ago, Alan moved to Stourport with Dawn and Zoë was born in 1992. Alan worked for many years at Dortrend in Stourport and had many good friends at the company. In 1998, Alan got involved with steam rallies with a bit of persuasion from his brother Reg and Alan bought his A35 which he spent many a happy hour tinkering with. He enjoyed the rallies so much he got a classic caravan which he towed with his Rover P4. So Alan and Dawn could spend weekends at the rallies where many good friends were made and happy memories treasured.